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How long does my order take to arrive?

-With the Stadard Shipping in Mexico your order will arrive between 2 weeks with a shipping cost of 50 MXN pesos or $3 US dls (estimate). 

-With the Urgent Shipping option in Mexico, your order will arrive in 2 official days with a charge of $100 or $150 Mexican pesos (aprox. $5.00 -$ 8.00 US dls). 

-If you are in the US, Europe or Canada with the standard shipment, your order will arrive in a period between 1 or 2 months, with a shipping cost of $10.5 US dls (depending on the Exchange rate) for up to 3 handbags. With the Urgent shipment, the handbags will arrive in 3 days with a cost of $950 MXN pesos or 48 US dls (estimate).

How do I buy?

OUR PRICES ARE IN MEXICAN PESOS. Select the tab SHOP, then select the products you want to buy, select "Agregar al carrito" (add to cart) botton, select "ver carrito" (go to cart),  select "finalizar compra con PayPal" (finalize the purchase with Paypal). You  can easily pay by Paypal in dollars and they would be converted to the current exchange rate (usually $1 US dl = $20 MXN pesos) or by any other credit or debit card in our website. 




Can I order a special design?

Mexfastyle is constantly growing, at this moment we cannot produce personalized designs but we would love to hear your ideas in the section "doubts".


What happens if my handbag is damaged when arriving?

Mexfastyle always send the products in the best conditions and we are very careful, so that scnario has never happened before. In case this occured to you, please take a picture from the handbag when you oppened the package and send it to us as soon as possible to We'll contact you to find the best solution for you.

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