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Who we are

We are a Mexican company dedicated to create artisanal handbags with original designs, collaborating with Mexican artisans from different indigeneous communities. We want to share the Mexican fashion with the world! 


Our Mission

To be a fashion company that is concerned about society, the environment and that creates quality products that are accessible  for everyone.

Our Vision

To best and most recognized Mexican handbag-company.


Our Story

We are a company created in year 2017 in Mexico, following the idea of showing the world the unique and beautiful Mexican fashion, the talent of the artisans and of our people.


Since the beginning we decided to elaborate a handbag which contains Mexican characteristics like bright colors and the special embroidering techniques. We seek to preserve the embroidery patterns and figures that our artisans have done over time.


Another of our  main objectives is contributing to the economy by giving good and fair jobs, that will support the country's development. We want to show that Mexican products are well done. 


Mexfastyle Values

  • Respect: to work, a quality life and the artisans' creations. 

  • Empathy: Be empathic with artisans, workers, the consumer and all the people related to the production of our handbags.

  • Love and devotion: to the quality work and the Mexican fashion design.

  • Honesty: with workers and customers.

About the founder


Mexfastyle started in 2017 as a result of Tamara Silva Vargas passion for fashion and for the beautiful Mexican embroidery techniques; seeking to create a company that produces high quality fashion. 


“Fashion is  an art, therefore a way to express ourselves, handmade products are this too. The merge of both converts into something special, that transmits our history, our roots and our style."
-Tamara Silva Vargas



Tamara, has designed each of the handbags preserving the ancient embroidery patterns from artisans, always looking for women to feel empowered when wearing great designs and proud of wearing Mexican fashion. 


Museo Amparo Terrace View. Puebla, México.

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